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Senator says give the Jamaicans a gun to defend themselves

A Government senator yesterday stopped short of suggesting that more “ordinary” Jamaicans be allowed to obtain licensed firearms.

Kerensia Morrison, who was speaking in the Senate, said that “maybe the time has come” to consider giving “regular, ordinary, honest, decent, (and) hard-working Jamaican citizens better access and opportunity to defend themselves, their homes, and their properties against criminals”.

“Criminals are armed and dangerous. They walk into any public space, any house, any plaza, any church because they know it is highly unlikely that anyone in that church, or in that bus, or in that plaza will have the means to take them out,” she said, while making it clear that this was her personal view.

Morrison was making her contribution to the debate on the extension of the public state of emergency in the St Catherine North Police Division. The vote by the Senate means that the anti-crime measure, which was set to expire on October 2, will remain in place until January 2 next year.

As Morrison spoke, veteran Opposition Senator K.D. Knight interjected, questioning whether she was suggesting that more guns be placed in the hands of citizens.

“It is not about giving guns wantonly, but citizens out there do complain that there are gunmen out there, people who can just walk in. And yet it is so difficult for a hard-working, honest person to get that opportunity,” Morrison responded.


Murders Down


Leader of Government Business in the Senate Kamina Johnson Smith, who piloted the motion, insisted that the effectiveness of the state of emergency was “undisputed”. To support this assertion, she said that in the 160 days since the measure was first imposed, murders and shootings had decreased by 21 per cent and 35 per cent, respectively.

Johnson Smith, who is also minister of foreign affairs and foreign trade, revealed that in the 160 days before the state of emergency was declared, the St Catherine North police recorded 82 murders and 72 shooting incidents. This, she said, compared to the 27 murders and 22 shootings reported after it was declared.

However, Johnson Smith sounded a word of caution, saying that “the successes attained so far does not mean that we are where we should be”.

Mavado writes a prayer for his son facing multiple murder charges

Mavado may be overseas, but he is letting his teenage son know that he is praying for him.

Mavado‘s 16-year-old son is having the worst year of his life, and any form of emotional support would likely go a long way. The Gullyside singer has been taking a beating on social media for the past three months after fleeing Jamaica leaving his teenage son behind to face some serious charges including murder, conspiracy, and gun possession.

After three months, Mavado has not returned to Jamaica, but that doesn’t mean he has forgotten his son, despite what some dancehall fans are suggesting on social media. This week, Vado shared a preview of a new single “Dancehall Prophecy” where he took shots at Bounty Killer and his critics. The “Gullyside singjay also shared a prayer dedicated to his son Dantay Brooks. Despite some backlash from some fans and his harsh critic Bounty Killer, Mavado has been getting a lot of support from his core fan base.

“I rose today with the power of God to pilot me and His strength to sustain me,” Mavado wrote. “One more new hope, one more new step. Father, we thank you for the privilege to be your representative. We choose to honor you in all we do, setting the standard and to do our very best. Help us to show Love. Remodel our intentions from negative to positive deeds. We thank you for health, family and friends. We thank you for all the opportunities you created for us. Continue to guide and protect us daily, casting all your blessings upon us and lead us in the paths of righteousness. We thank you, Father.”

Sources told Urban Islandz that Mavado has been steering clear of Jamaica since leaving the island shortly after his shooting incident in Cassava Piece in June. We’re told that the singer believes that his life is in danger from both gunmen and police officials. He also thinks that cops will try to pin a murder charge on him.

If his son gets convicted, he could be sent to prison for the rest of his life.

Resident angry after 11 yr old pregnant In Maxfield, Jamaica

A woman emitted rage, weilding a large knife after hearing the news outbreak that a 11 year old child was pregnant in Maxfield area in Kingston, Jamaica.

Watch the video below for more info.

George Zimmerman threaten to kill JayZ along with Beyonce

George Zimmerman is being accused of sending threatening texts aimed at Beyoncé and Jay-Z over the rap mogul’s new Trayvon Martin documentary, according to The Blast.

The former neighborhood-watch volunteer who fatally shot the unarmed teen in 2012 allegedly called Jay-Z “a bitch” and Beyoncé “a broke whore” in text messages to a private investigator, according to the report.

“If I see either of them in my life, they’ll find themselves inside a 13-foot gator,” Zimmerman wrote when contacted by private investigator Dennis Warren for “Rest in Power: The Trayvon Martin Story,” the news outlet reported.

See the screenshot below from The Blast.

George Zimmerman Reportedly Threatened Beyonce And Jay-Z

Zimmerman also sent threatening texts to executive co-producer Michael Gasparro. According to sources cited by The Blast, Zimmerman knew Gasparro’s address and told him members of the New York City mobster family, the Genoveses, were looking for him.

Neither Beyonce nor Jay-Z have responded to the alleged threats.

Zimmerman was charged with stalking Warren in May in Seminole County, Fla.

Warren told investigators that in one text Zimmerman told him, “I know how to handle people who [expletive] with me, I have since February of 2012.”

A news article about the documentary was attached to the text.

“Anyone who [expletive] with my parents will be fed to an alligator,” Zimmerman also told Warren, according to investigators.

Between Dec. 16 and Dec. 25 of 2017, officials said Warren received 55 phone calls, 67 text messages, 36 voicemails and 27 emails from Zimmerman.

The misdemeanor case is pending, online records show.

This isn’t the first time Zimmerman has threatened the Brooklyn-born rapper with a dangerous reptile. Last year he told The Blast he would “beat” Jay-Z and feed him to an “alligator” after the rapper’s production team visited Zimmerman’s relatives.

“Anyone who f***s with my parents will be fed to an alligator,” he told the site.

Zimmerman was charged with misdemeanor stalking earlier this year after Warren – who was hired by the documentary makers – said he received dozens of texts, emails and calls from Zimmerman.

The sixth and final episode of Trayvon Martin docuseries airs Monday at 10:00 PM ET on the Paramount Network and BET.

Kasi Bennett reacts to Usain Bolt newest cheating scandal

Kasi Bennett is ignoring online trolls and is standing by her boyfriend Usain Boltfollowing his recent Direct Message scandal.

The retired Jamaican sprint legend has come under fire by social media users after he was caught sliding in the DM of a Saint Lucian make-up artist via Instagram on Thursday night.

The married woman exposed Usain Bolt by sharing a screenshot just minutes after he sent her a message.

The eight-time Olympic champion only sent a pair of eye emojis ‘👀,’ but it was enough to send social media users into an instant frenzy.

“She’s married what the hell is he doing in her DMs? Bolt has absolutely no respect for his relationship with Kasi or anyone else,” one user wrote on social media.

“Bolt really need to calm him ugly self down eno,” another added.

Kasi Bennett, who is ignoring the critics and proving her relationship with her man is stronger than ever, uploaded a cozy photo with Usain Bolt to her Instagram story on Saturday. The photograph shows the lovebirds kissing on a beach in Saint Barthelemy.

Kasi Bennett Reacts After Usain Bolt’s DM Scandal

“#Mood,” she wrote along with the heart eyes and smirking face emoji.

Bennett recently opened up about how she handles “bad publicity” around her love life with Bolt during a cameo in upcoming Jamaican reality TV series DI Island Girls.

“Everybody has their own option however you just have to know who you are dating,” she expressed.

She explained that persons might think they know Bolt through the media but “[she] knows the real person.”

“He [Bolt] is a fellow Jamaica, he is loved so you know yeah,” she added.


Former Prime Minister of Jamaica, , has declared his distaste for modern Dancehall music, which he describes as lacking in substance.

The former Jamaican politician made his sentiment public during the recent official reopening of Things Jamaican at Devon House, St Andrew.

“We seem to be searching, but fruitlessly. After a run of all the different basic rhythms that we have developed, we have cooled off into dancehall. I am not going to say anything disparaging about that except that I don’t like it,” Edward Seaga stated.

“I am a man that when I think music, I think melody. I think lyrics. I think rhythm, but I see them all together, packaged in one thing, and my basic concept is that if you can’t whistle it, it is not music,” he added.

Edward Seaga, who is credited with producing “Many, Oh” by Higgs and Wilson in 1960, the first Jamaican hit record pressed on vinyl for commercial production, used the occasion to remind the audience of his formula for success, which has stood the test of time.

“I had to recognize that where you begin is not with the concept, but with the material, and the material in music is the tunes. The material is the folk music – and you heard some of it this evening being revived after such a long time, and a new version of Jamaican folk music, which I endorse.”

The elder statesman was referring to a rendition of Mento classics performed by the Rhumbakah band, compromising young men from the Charlemont High School, St Catherine. Their spot-on rendition of favorites such as Sly Mongoose, complemented by their flawless performance of the accompanying age-old dance moves and mastery of instruments, elicited strong applause.

He went on to describe that key to the success of the ska era was the bottom-up approach, which, he believes, is a template for development in other spheres of business.

“Once again, I turned my mind to get that music going at a different level, popular level, (because) not any and every Jamaican would be interested in the mento class of music, which the young men played here tonight. And the brand of Jamaican music that evolved, in which I played a part, has become not a sideline music. Not a marginal music, but a mainstream popular music, and it has become that because it has melody, it has rhythm, it has lyrics, and it had Bob Marley,” Edward Seaga explained.

“Because in whatever you do, you need some stars, and if you don’t have the stars, you don’t have the attraction … . And I have always asked myself, ‘How come we hit the mainstream in the world without going into the level of the people who went to university and who are at the top of the ladder? How come is at the bottom of the ladder we had to start?’ That’s where the genius was!” he added.

Seaga pointed out that Brand Jamaica was built on the creativity and hard work of ordinary Jamaicans through the avenues of culture and sports, with little support from corporate Jamaica.

“They are the ones who have put Jamaica where Jamaica is. We didn’t get there because of some rich merchant somewhere. We didn’t get there because of banks. They didn’t work with banks. They worked with their hands, but we got there because these people at that level had something to say about the environment in which they lived and to say it creatively, and so Jamaica today is well known.”

Edward Philip George Seaga was the fifth Prime Minister of Jamaica, from 1980 to 1989, and the leader of the Jamaica Labour Party from 1974 to 2005. He served as leader of the opposition from 1974 to 1980, and again from 1989 until January 2005

Dancehall artist Khago attacks Tifa


Members of the music industry are blasting Tifa after her outburst about being treated unfairly in Dancehall.

Khago, who was first to lash out at Tifa, charged that the “Jealous Ova” singer is just “upset” that Shenseea took her spot.

In a video uploaded to his Instagram account, the “Nah Sell Out” deejay accused Tifa of collecting awards unfairly when other females such as Macka Diamond and Lady Saw among others were deserving of it.

He asserted that she is only complaining now because the tables have turned.

“You Miss Tifa… Yuh just upset fi know seh the driver seat weh you did sidung inna a Shenseea sidung inna it now,” Khago expressed.

Khago added that he respects Tifa as an artiste-songwriter and performer but she needs to stop her whining.

In another video, the “Tun Up Di Ting” deejay also took a jab at longtime rival I-Octane.

Macka Diamond has since chimed in on the controversy with a subtle post on Instagram.

“A true him a talk,” she said.

Khago’s comments come after Tifa disclosed, during a recent radio interview, that the music industry is now “nasty” and that was her main reason for wanting to retire.

“The industry has gotten nasty…. I think it is the nattiest i have even seen it,” Tifa stated.

Tifa accused industry players of treating her unfairly and blasted some internet trolls calling them uneducated. She said that she has been in Dancehall for over 10 years and does not believe she should be fighting for her place.

Tifa, who is currently in Europe, has hit back hard claiming that the Khago allegedly bought all of his albums in a bid to reach the Billboard Top Reggae Albums Chart.

Lincoln 3Dot – Bun Again

Lincoln 3Dot – Bun Again – September 2018